International JR brand

The JR brand of specialty lubricants and greases are marketed and distributed worldwide, as we now have a presence in over 25 countries around the globe. We are constantly seeking to develop within new, emerging international markets with a product range designed to meet customer requirements, from automotive and commercial vehicles to industrial, construction plant, mining and agricultural industries. Our team of specialists is highly experienced in ensuring the professional, efficient, and safe shipping of our products to clients overseas. We can provide an extensive programme of ongoing support to international distributors looking to develop sales within your lubricant market, including technical guidance and marketing and communications support.


Our international lubricant industry is a dynamic and thriving sector, constantly evolving to meet the demands of various industries. With our lubricant products, we proudly contribute to the global lubricant market, delivering exceptional quality and performance worldwide. From automotive to industrial applications, our lubricants are trusted by customers across the globe.


Our international lubricant industry is a force to be reckoned with! With our exceptional products, we’ve made a significant impact in markets around the world. From automotive giants to industrial powerhouses, our lubricants have earned a reputation for their superior quality and unmatched performance. Join us on our global journey to unleash the power of smoothness!

We’re thrilled to be an international lubricant company, serving customers around the globe with our top-notch products. Our dedication to quality and performance sets us apart, and we’re proud to provide exceptional lubrication solutions worldwide. Join us as we continue to make a mark in the industry.

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