Maximizing Performance with JR Lubrificante Adesivo-2500: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the realm of heavy-duty applications, where machinery faces relentless shock loads and extreme conditions, one name stands out: JR LUBRIFICANTE ADESIVO-2500. Crafted from specially selected high-viscosity base oil and fortified with aluminium-complex soap, this adhesive lubricant redefines performance standards.

With its unique additive package devoid of heavy metals and chlorine, JR LUBRIFICANTE ADESIVO-2500 ensures optimal functionality without compromising environmental safety. The inclusion of premium colloidal graphite and adhesion additives elevates its efficacy, promising unparalleled results in the most demanding environments.

The versatility of JR LUBRIFICANTE ADESIVO-2500 shines through its applicability across various scenarios. Whether mitigating shock loads or sustaining heavy-duty operations, its high base oil viscosity provides a cushioning effect that enhances equipment durability. Temperature stability is guaranteed, even in extreme conditions, thanks to its robust composition.

One of its prime applications lies in serving as an operational lubricant for Open Gear drives, particularly those subjected to extreme load peaks or featuring predamaged tooth flanks. The judicious application of JR LUBRIFICANTE ADESIVO-2500 through commercially available spraying systems ensures efficient coverage while minimizing wastage.

However, it’s essential to note that optimal performance requires adherence to specific guidelines. In temperatures below +5°C, additional measures such as heating are necessary to maintain sprayability. Furthermore, consumption should be tailored to operational requirements, ensuring judicious usage without compromising effectiveness.

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