JR OLIO LUB PER CATENE is a special synthetic chain lubricant designed for use in high
temperature applications where conventional chain lubricants would fail. It is a blend of
polyisobutylene, esters, and performance enhancing additives that impart excellent thermal stability at
elevated temperatures, combined with low volatility and high oxidation resistance. JR OLIO LUB PER
CATENE provides excellent lubrication at the extremes of its working range even with rapid
temperature fluctuations. It is unaffected by smoke, with a low acid value and high degree of
If the top operating temperature of this product is exceeded, the lubricant evaporates cleanly without
leaving residues or deposits. The machine can then be re-lubricated and restarted without the need for
down time or dismantling.
JR OLIO LUB PER CATENE is suitable for all chain applications working in elevated temperatures and
adverse conditions such as kiln conveyors, furnace door openers, duplex or triplex roller chains,
chain grate and stoker drives and inverted tooth and compact drives where cooling is a problem. It is
particularly recommended for textile machinery.
JR OLIO LUB PER CATENE is designed as a chain oil lubricant operate at temperatures up to 280°C
and offers the following:
– Reduced lubricant consumption, due to long ‘wet’ film life at high temperatures and low volatility
– High flash point for safer operation
– A high degree of thermal and oxidation stability reduces carbon residues
– Excellent resistance to water washing and hydrolysis
Apply manually by brush or with oil can. JR OLIO LUB PER CATENE can also be applied automatically
by spray or drip feed as per the equipment manufacturers’ instructions.
JR OLIO LUB PER CATENE should be stored under cover to avoid water collecting in the rim of
upturned barrels.
Further information on JR OLIO LUB PER CATENE can be obtained by referring to the corresponding
Safety Data Sheet.
The Company policy is to ensure that a range of products is supplied which complies with the
latest specifications and codes within the relevant industry. As part of this development
process, we therefore reserve the right to amend formulations without prior notice



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