Unleash Peak Performance with JR Olio Poliglicole

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In the realm of industrial machinery, where performance and reliability are paramount, the choice of lubricants can make all the difference. Introducing JR Olio Poliglicole, a revolutionary line of fully synthetic industrial gear oils engineered to redefine excellence in lubrication technology. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and benefits that set Olio Poliglicole apart from the competition.

Unveiling Olio Poliglicole: A Breakthrough in Lubrication Technology

Cutting-Edge Formulation: Olio Poliglicole oils are meticulously crafted using special polyglycol base oils, setting a new standard for industrial lubricants. These advanced base oils provide exceptional oxidation and temperature stability, ensuring reliable performance even in the most demanding operating conditions.

Unmatched Performance: Polyglycols exhibit superior viscosity-temperature behavior, offering excellent shear stability and enabling Olio Poliglicole to operate within a wide temperature range, from -35°C up to 160°C. This versatility makes Olio Poliglicole suitable for a diverse array of applications, from low-speed to high-speed machinery.

Enhanced Protection: Olio Poliglicole is fortified with specially formulated additives that further enhance its already impressive properties. These additives deliver high wear protection, excellent corrosion resistance (even in the presence of condensation water), low foaming, and outstanding compatibility with non-ferrous metals.

Proven Performance in Rigorous Tests

FZG Test Results: Olio Poliglicole has undergone rigorous testing, including the standard FZG test (FZG A/8.3/90) and the high-speed, high-temperature FZG test (FZG A/16.6/140). Impressively, Olio Poliglicole surpassed the load stage requirements for both tests, showcasing its exceptional load-carrying capacity and micropitting resistance.

Specialized Scuffing Test: In a special low-speed FZG test conducted according to DGMK standards, Olio Poliglicole demonstrated outstanding low-speed wear protection under mixed and boundary lubrication conditions. The lubricating film remained stable even under high pressures, ensuring reliable performance in critical applications.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Excellent Wear Protection: Olio Poliglicole offers high scuffing load carrying capacity, ensuring optimal gear performance and longevity.
  • Increased Efficiency: With a low friction coefficient and excellent viscosity-temperature behavior, Olio Poliglicole contributes to increased efficiency and reduced operating temperatures.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for use in both high and low operating temperature environments, Olio Poliglicole provides consistent performance across diverse conditions.
  • Superior Aging Stability: Olio Poliglicole maintains its properties over time, offering long-lasting protection and performance.
  • Comprehensive Protection: From corrosion resistance to air release properties, Olio Poliglicole delivers all-around protection for your machinery.


With its unrivaled performance, exceptional wear protection, and versatility, JR Olio Poliglicole stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in lubrication technology. Whether you’re operating heavy machinery in extreme conditions or seeking to optimize efficiency in industrial processes, Olio Poliglicole is the lubricant of choice. Elevate your machinery’s performance and reliability with JR Olio Poliglicole – the ultimate synthetic industrial gear oil.

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